Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do I need to be blunt?

Just because I didn't say anything, didn't mean that I was OK with it.

I hate the way you said it so casually as if it's nothing. For me it's a big deal which determined my decision of staying or quitting this field.

I didn't say a thing, waiting for you to realize it by yourself. But seems like it'd never happen.
So, do I need to shout on your face for you to know it?

Please be sensitive with others feeling!

First Rant

I'm upset.

I'm upset. For who knows what reason.
I'm upset. I'm really upset.

I wanna shout, I wanna break something. I'm upset.
But only tears streaming down my cheeks.

I'm upset.
I wanna curse, I wanna kick. But it's not myself.
So I'm just crying...

I'm upset.
I can't hold it anymore that I'm choking my breath.

I wanna stop these tears but I'm fail.
I'm upset. And tears always be the output of this feeling.

I'm upset.
I wanna blame someone but there's no one at fault.

I'm upset.
I could only crying...